Wax Apple Plant


Wax Apple Plant
Plant height 1+ foot

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Wax apple plant:
Caution: After receiving the plant from us, get the plant from the box. Water it thoroughly. Keep it for your room temperature under your commentary for no less than 24 hours. Let the plant stable and acclimatize the temperature change and transport shock. Wax apple, Java apple, Rose apple, Royal apple, the name Java apple because That is native across the Java of Indonesia. But this fruit is widely to be had in our country Bangladesh (specially across the Southern part). In Bangladesh we call this Jamrul (জামরুল). Binomial name of the fruit plant is Syzygium Samarangense and belongs to the circle of relatives Myrtaceae. Wax apple (জামরুল) is a small to medium sized tree that may reach as much as 12 meter in height. That is an evergreen plant with having broad elliptic leaf. The leafs are having a sweet fragrance very similar to the fruit. Leafs are almost stalk-less. Mature leafs are dark green and the young leafs are light green in color.

Live wax Apple Plant
Plant height 1+ foot
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