Varigated Money Plant in Yellow Round Ceramic Pot


Plant with Pot Height: 6 – 9 Inches
FengShui Good Luck Plant for Prosperity
Air Purifying Indoor Plant

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Money Plants are ideal for table top, shelfs, balcony decoration! Money Plants brings luck and prosperity as per users. This can be a beautiful evergreen plant which require very little care and it’s so easy to handle. People say as per Fengshui and Vastu Money plants can bring good luck, fame, health, prosperity and happiness in the house. Attempt to place money plants in the southeast corner of your room. Don’t keep them in the northeast corner of the room. It can dispose of toxins from the air of your room. It can also absorb radiations spreading from mobile, computer, televisions. Light requirements of money plant: It require bright indirect sunlight. Don’t put it in direct sunlight. Leaves will probably be pale and brownish.Water requirements of money plant: Add sufficient water at once when top soil will probably be dry. Overwater can cause root rot and plant will die within few days.

Plant with Pot Height: 6 – 9 Inches
FengShui Good Luck Plant for Prosperity
Air Purifying Indoor Plant
Money Plant in Yellow ceramic pot for Table top or Desktop
Money Plant Pothos plants are indoor plants, easy for caring.
Take care of Money Plant Pothos Plant: Keep roots moist and steer clear of direct sunlight, keep it in bright light.
Water each and every week with RO water from water filter. Don’t use any tap water.
Pot Details : 3 Inch height & 3 Inch Wide | Color : Yellow | Material : Ceramic
Package Contents: 1 Unit of Plant, 1 Unit of Pot
These Money Plants are healthy, beautiful with full roots with deep green and yellow leaves
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