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Live Monstera Plant Monstera Deliciosa Plant
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Monstera Deliciosa is a species of flowering plant native to tropical rainforests of southern Mexico, south to Panama. The precise epithet deliciosa means “delicious”, referring to the fit to be eaten fruit. Common names include fruit salad plant, fruit salad tree (in reference to its fit to be eaten fruit, which tastes very similar to a fruit salad), ceriman, Swiss cheese plant (or just cheese plant), splitleaf philodendron, monster fruit, monsterio delicio, monstereo, Mexican breadfruit, locust and wild honey, windowleaf, balazo, and Penglai banana. This member of the arum circle of relatives Araceae is an epiphyte with aerial roots, in a position to grow as much as 20 m (66 ft) high with large, leathery, glossy, heart-shaped leaves 25-90 cm (10-35.5 in) long by 25-75 cm (10-29.5 in) broad. Young plants have leaves which are smaller and entire without a lobes or holes, but soon produce lobed and fenestrate leaves.

Live Monstera Plant Monstera Deliciosa Plant
2 Plants
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