Honeysuckle Rangoon Creeper Flower Plant


Live Madhumalati Honeysuckle Rangoon Creeper Flower Plant
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Combretum indicum, sometimes called the Chinese honeysuckle or Rangoon creeper, is a vine with red flower clusters and is located in Asia. It’s found in many other parts of the sector either as a cultivated ornamental or run wild. Other names for the plant include Quiscual (in Spanish), Niyog-niyogan (in Filipino), Madhu Malti or Madhumalti (in Hindi), Madhuri lota and Modhumonjori (মধৠমঞà§à¦œরী in Bengali; named by Rabindranath Tagore), Malati ( মালতী in Assamese), Madhumaloti (মধà§মালোতি in Manipuri), Akar Dani (in Malay) and Radha Manoharam (in Telugu). The Rangoon creeper is a ligneous vine that may succeed in from 2.5 meters to as much as 8 meters. The leaves are elliptical with an acuminate tip and a rounded base. They grow from 7 to 15 centimeters and their arrangement is opposite. The flowers are fragrant and tubular and their color varies from white to pink to red. The 30 to 35 mm long fruit is ellipsoidal and has five prominent wings. The fruit tastes like almonds when mature. The niyog-niyogan is frequently dispersed by water.

Live Madhumalati Honeysuckle Rangoon Creeper Flower Plant
2 Plants
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