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Live fan palm plant comes in secure boxes

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What You Will Do After Receiving It? – All over transit, plant will run through unfavourable conditions like darkness in the package, less water, varying temperature, extreme shaking, and so forth. When it is going to go through stable conditions it is going to start growing new leaves. After receiving plants give enough water. Avoid direct sunlight for 2-3 days. This excellent having a look palm fascinates by their professional-shaped fan like leaves. From the middle of the palm there grow all the time new shoots. The Livistona palms are reasonably small. Like all palms they likes warm temperatures and a high air humidity. Origin: Java / Australia Pot size: 10 cm Whole height: approx. 20-40cm Care: Keep in brightly lighted space, without direct sunlight. The water requirement is reasonably low but the soil will have to never dry up completely.

Live fan palm plant comes in protected boxes
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Weight900 kg
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